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Email Notices Rules:
Our village website and email notices system is a free service which provides information about events and services within the village and occasionally from other nearby towns and villages.  We do not provide free advertising or promotion for commercial businesses and services.  The only exceptions we make are the village shop and our village pub, which are both community assets and act as hubs for the village. There are often special promotions taking place at the shop, especially in the run up to Christmas, which people in the village may want to know about and take advantage of, for example the annual Christmas produce preview evening and the various special products which are for sale at Christmas.  Equally, we like to keep the village posted about special promotions and events taking place in our village pub.

So what else can we post?

If you are running an event which is raising money for charity, or which benefits the community in some way, then we are happy to share it. For example, the annual scouts fireworks event or other fundraising events taking place at the village hall.

If your company is running a promotion which benefits the village, for example a donation from each sale being given to the village hall or school, then we can share it.

If your club or society is holding its regular meeting or is holding a special event, then we are happy to promote it.

If you wish to promote your commercial business, then our village newsletter offers very competitive advertising rates. Visit

http://www.tackleynewsletter.co.uk/ for more information

All notices are at our discretion. Rights to publish reserved.

If you would like an event listed, please e-mail the details, including start and finish time, to

To receive Notice and Event details by e-mail, just sign up to our mailing list

Rights to publish reserved.