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Welcome to the Tackley Parish Council Web Pages

On this page you will find information and contact details of your parish councillors and your parish clerk. There is also access to the approved minutes for this year's past meetings and dates of scheduled meetings.

You can also e-mail your Clerk, at the address below (you cannot click on the address directly as it prevents spammers from accessing the address), to report faults in the village, such as vandalism. If you wish to make a complaint, please fill in the form which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Oxfordshire County Council “Fix My Street”

You can use the Fix My Street service to report any highway defect, such as pot holes, worn out lines, etc., street light failures, or other issues you may encounter on the local roads. The service is very easy to use and the council usually respond quickly to any reported issues. Click here to visit the website.

Feedback on this page is most welcome. If there is something which you think would be useful to have on the web page then please let us know.

Parish Clerk:
Julie Farren

16 Medcroft Road

Oxfordshire OX5 3AH

Telephone: 01869 331927


Tackley Parish Council

Tackley Parish Council is the first tier of your local government.  It delivers a vast range of services at a community level.

At present there is a three- tiered structure of local government:

Tackley Parish Council

West Oxfordshire District Council

Oxfordshire County Council

The Parish council is involved in planning, housing, promoting tourism, licensing, maintaining the playing field, maintaining Crecy Hill Nature Reserve, maintaining Tackley Heath, reporting Highways issues, grass cutting of public areas in Tackley, allotments and lots more.

The Parish Council is a statutory body.  The Council is principally funded by an annual precept.  The years budget is set at the budget meeting in December every year and the precept is decided on.  The Precept is added to the council tax, collected by the county or district council and paid to the parish in two six monthly instalments.  The Parish Council can apply for other funding such as grants and funding awards, but there is no funding directly from Central Government.

Tackley Parish Council consists of seven elected councillors, a parish clerk and two resident representatives.  

Your Parish Clerk and RFO is:

Julie Farren

Your Parish Councillors are:

Councillor June Collier - Parish Council Chairman

Councillor Paul Joslin - Parish Council Vice Chairman

Councillor Liz Marshall - School Rep, Playground Rep, and Internal Checker

Councillor John Cook - Budget Rep and Planning liaison

Councillor Neil Wilson - Bus Representative

Councillor Les Summers - Village Hall liaison and preparation of monthly reports to residents

Councillor Robin Gibbons - Railways Representative

Your resident representatives are:

Richard Macrory - Railway Representative

Mark Crocker - Airport Representative

To enable us to give you the best service, please direct enquiries via email to the Clerk at or in person at a Monday Evening surgery.

Transparency Code Compliance

Annual Return 2014/2015:

Click here to view the 2014/2015 Payments
Click here to view the 2014/2015 Receipts

Click here to view the 2014/2015 Annual Return

Annual Return 2015/2016:

Click here to view the 2015/2016 Payments
Click here to view the 2015/2016 Receipts
Click here to view the 2016/2016 Annual Return

Tackley Parish Council Audits:

Click here to view the audit for 2015/2016 Q1

Click here to view the audit for 2015/2016 Q2

Click here to view the audit for 2015/2016 Q3

2017 Standing Orders

2016 Risk Management Policy

Monday Evening Surgery

The Parish Council runs an evening surgery in the committee room of the Tackley Village hall one Monday evening per month, from 7:00pm until 7:15pm.

If any resident of Tackley has a query then they are very welcome to attend these surgeries.  The Clerk and several of the councillors are usually in attendance and your query will be answered as quickly as possible.

Surgery Dates for 2017:

January 23rd

February 27th

March 27th

April 24th

May 22nd

June 26th

July 24th

August 28th

September 25th

October 23rd

November 27th

*No surgery in December*